Thursday, October 13, 2016

In Trump We Trust by Ann Coulter

I found this today on the new book rack at the Public Library. I finished reading four hours later. I did it so I could return it quickly hoping others would read before voting. It is almost too late, as my absentee ballot arrived in today’s mail, but if only one other reads, it might make the difference. I have never liked Ms. Coulter. She always annoyed me with her sharp tongue and disparaging remarks. What she wrote in this book is little different from the many articles I have written in the last year or so. While I was an ardent admirer of FDR, the Democratic Party of today is not the party that backed him, oh so long ago. The Republican Party is criminal in continually telling us what we want to hear while having absolutely no intention of following thru. We gave them the House and then the Senate. They accomplished nothing of value. Let me tell you directly as plain as I can. I intend to vote for Trump and against McCain in the Senate and McSally in the House. If Trump wins, it will make little difference to him whether the Congress is Republican or Democrat. He will force thru the ideas that us deplorables have supported him thru thick or thin. If he loses then it is all over as far as patriots like me are concerned. Let Hillary have all the rope she wants to carry out her nefarious schemes. Those of you who are offended by Trump and believe that a woman as evil as Hillary should be President should have all the support she needs. As an aging warrior, I probably won’t be around to see the end of America under her leadership but with Trump I might live long enough to see my country bounce back from the cliff. This is really not a book report as much as it is a convenient way for me to express myself. One thing she stressed in her book was the continuous negative reporting from the establishment including Fox. Megyn Kelly just yesterday took the time to show the entire bus girl talk conversation. She is doing her best to thwart him as does Krauthammer and Wills. It is astonishing to me that the “leaders “ like McCain an Ryan are running for the hills as if to show how pure they are, what a joke. The Media tells us it is all over except for the shouting. I am not so sure, Democrats, independents, African Americans who want a chance to succeed will join with Republicans like me. Stay tuned and pay attention. Jack B. Walters October 13, 2016

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