Friday, May 9, 2008

A book review- The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

I have just finished reading this book. I felt I should since he is nearing his goal of receiving the required delegates to win the nomination as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States. Prior to this I read a book about Hillary Clinton and also two books written by John McCain the Republican candidate for the highest office.
I have been debating with myself on whether I should attempt to produce a review of the contents. Whatever thoughts that do emerge will probably not do justice to the author. He wrote about himself and his life history to date. He also describes in great detail the life of an elected official including his current position as Senator from the State of Illinois. He expresses anguish over the time spent away from his wife and his two daughters. There can be no doubt about the demands for his time particularly at this time while running for this new office. As sympathetic as I should be, at the same time I believe that when you aspire for lofty positions then you need to sacrifice all other interests in pursuing to the best of your ability the work before you that is important to your constituents.
There are chapters describing the differences between the two major parties, the Constitution, values, politics, opportunity, faith, race, family and the world beyond our borders. He is articulate and shows his intellect. There is a lot of detail to cover each subject. I tried my best to be interested but no matter how factual his writings might be I just couldn’t, as I have with other political books I have read in recent years. After reading a few pages I found myself nodding off at which time I would put it down and do something else. I am really sorry to say this as I deeply admire the man and believe he could be the one to rekindle the spirits of Americans. Either my age is showing or I have saturated my brain with this stuff and it is rebelling. I will say this, I found him making many of the same points I did in my last book. To that end I am more in tune with his hopes and dreams than the other two. Those of you receiving this review I would hope would make the effort to read. Perhaps you are better equipped to read heavy material as is contained therein.
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