Sunday, May 25, 2008

Universal Health Care

Knowing that many countries provide health care to all citizens, this has been an issue I have pondered for some time. Last weekend I had an accident that raised my awareness due to my personal experience. On a hike I was leading, I slipped and in the process dislocated my right shoulder. It was extremely painful. Due to the distance from Tucson and other factors it took about five hours before I could be attended to. I have never experienced pain of this magnitude. I have insurance coverage by Medicare and my company so there was no financial concern. I was given excellent and thorough care. Had I been one of the reported 45 million other American citizens without coverage I can only imagine the financial tragedy that might entail. They would have been given the service but when the bills came due it could be devastating for them.
The companies in America pay most of the health care for employees and as in my case for retirees who are not contributing in producing goods and services as they once did. Our foreign competitors do not. How can they possibly compete with this albatross on their necks?
Those who refer to universal health care as being free are of course not correct. Nothing in life is free, but I do believe if the insurance companies need for profit was removed huge amounts could be removed from the process. Care not profit should be the goal. The current health provider companies could still handle paperwork required but the screening process to deny care would be removed. If I could make the decision, I would just expand the current Medicare program to cover all. Patients should be free to choose their doctor or hospital. The best doctors and hospitals would get the highest traffic. This competition should be an incentive to provide the best service. All bills to be paid by the Federal Government. Those with means would be free to add to this as their assets allowed.
Sadly none of the candidates for president will consider my suggestion. They will just tinker with the present profit motivated companies and if others are covered the cost will be astronautically huge.

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May 25, 2008

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drsam93 said...

Health care coverage is an important issue that should not get lost in the oil price shuffle.