Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Federal Government Encourages Expansion of Jobs Overseas

In writing about this subject, I feel I am aping a broken record as I have railed against our government before for continuing to create a favorable climate for American business to move jobs out of our country. An article in the Arizona Daily Star on 4/9/09 got my attention. The title was,” Now More Than Ever, Lobbying Payoff Is Huge”. There were a number of examples. The one I am zeroing in on is where the lobbyists were able to convince our “leaders” in 2004 to push through a one time tax holiday on profits earned abroad. The lobbying expense was $282.7 million. The savings was about $100 billion which resulted in a 22,000% return on investment. Most of these savings were given to Pfizer, Merck, IBM, Hewlett- Packard and Johnson and Johnson. In 2004 the Republicans had total control so when they cry crocodile tears take it with a grain of salt. I really don’t expect anything better with Democrats in charge.
You can’t fault these companies from seeking improved profit but you can blame the Congress and Administration from failing to protect American jobs by continuing to make it more profitable to move jobs offshore. We are not talking about lower foreign wages or better quality workmanship, we are talking about our own government making it difficult to produce in our country by having high business tax rates here at home and lower tax rates for American companies operating off shore.
Tomorrow is tax day. Across the country people are organizing protests of high taxes by using tea bags to get government’s attention. It will be to no avail, as government will take it in stride and when the rallies are over, return to what they do best and that is to serve the interests of big business and foreign countries and continue to ignore American workers. All our workers can expect is balm in the form of unemployment compensation, temporary health cost relief and other giveaways, but not a new climate where real jobs can be created so Americans can feel proud of their support for their families and not the debilitating situation of living off the dole.

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April 14, 2009

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