Sunday, April 26, 2009

Illegal Immigration Letter

Representative Gabrielle Giffords,
Dear Representative,

Employer Sanctions Issue

You were quoted in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper on April 24, 2009, as saying you were introducing legislation to overturn the Arizona law enacted by the voting citizens of Arizona. This offends me deeply. You, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senator McCain and the editorial editors of the Star are completely out of step with the majority of those of us who care.
Every chance we are given we have voted against illegal immigration. The business community spent considerable funds trying to trick us into weakening the law. They were defeated. To my knowledge no employer has been found guilty to date. The law went into effect two years ago. Since the sanctions only apply to new hires, I have no doubt that some employers knowingly still have illegals on their payrolls. I can live with that knowing that companies not using E-Verify are taking the chance that they could be put out of business.
With unemployment reaching 10% nationwide, what justification can you use to grant citizenship to over 12 million living here in violation of our laws? Work visas where labor is needed would be acceptable to me but granting citizenship is out of the question. In my opinion the US Government, including you, has no intention of stopping the continuing inflow particularly from Mexico and Central America. You look at these as voters who will keep you in power for decades to come. You give little thought to American citizens.
You state that immigration is a Federal issue and that States should stay out of it. Our law was carefully crafted to not violate Federal jurisdiction but still allow our State Government to have some influence on halting the constant inflow.
You should take the time to hike trails South of Tucson as I do. If you did you would discover mountains of trash from illegals crossing the desert on a daily basis. I believe you were quoted as saying they are just coning to flip burgers. The Border Patrol is just going thru the motions pretending to do their jobs. I don’t fault the Patrol Officers; I fault the direction they are given on how to do their jobs. I and other hiker friends frequently encounter illegals while on hikes. It should not be as difficult as it seems to stop the inflow, just follow the trash. How hard should that be?
You just don’t get it. All across America communities and States have tried to enact legislation or ordinances only to have to spend taxpayer dollars fighting the ACLU and Congress. We are fed up. You think it is fine to grant the children of illegals instate tuition denied to the children of Americans living in different States. While States are forced to lay off teachers due to shortfalls in tax revenues you continue to insist that children of illegals be given a free education as well as free medical services at our hospitals that are experiencing severe shortfalls in revenue.
You should find some other pet project to pursue and quit interfering with the citizens of Arizona who you should be supporting.

PS: I have sent copies of this letter to the newspaper and other interested people.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
April 26, 2009

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