Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A book review

Write It When I’m Gone
By; Thomas M. DeFrank
Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford

Mr. DeFrank is a reporter who was assigned to follow Vice President Ford in 1974 during the time leading up to the resignation of President Nixon. He became a trusted friend who did not betray confidences. As the years passed by during the Presidency of Ford and the years following they began meeting on numerous occasions’ right up until President Ford’s death at the age of 94. The only proviso was that the content would be held for publishing after his death.
For those of you interested in American history and politics, you may be surprised at the opinions he held for other political persons. For example, right up until the death of President Reagan, Ford held him responsible for losing his bid for re-election to Jimmy Carter. There had been a bitter nomination battle between them, and after Ford won, Reagan did little to help Ford get elected. In contrast Ford worked tirelessly on Reagan’s behalf when he ran against Carter.
I won’t share more than the above. Read it and you will better understand this wonderful, courageous, loyal person who worked hard for his party, his country and the numerous charitable endeavors he supported.
For recreation, he was an avid golfer, which proves that he was OK.

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