Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Response to a New York Times Article

On January 3, 2010 an article from the Times was republished in the Arizona Daily Star. The title was, “War bonds likely won’t work today, skeptics say”.
It seems that Senator Ben Nelson the Nebraska Democrat introduced war-bond legislation last November similar to what was done in WWII. When he did it he said he hoped to “tap into the same spirit of patriotism and create a sense of participation in the war”.
Later in the article were negative comments about saving versus spending since the experts continue to stress that we are a consumer nation and must stay deep in debt to keep the economy moving.
I take issue with both comments.
First, only someone who was not an adult during WWII could suggest that these fake wars with Iraq and Afghanistan could conceivably be compared to WWII. I was alive and old enough to understand the critical situation we faced against the Axis Powers and the consequences should we fail. At the beginning I was a newspaper boy. Except for an occasional 5 cent candy bar all of my earnings went to purchase War Bond Stamps. My proudest moments were when I had enough to buy a $25 Bond. No one told me to do it. I was not alone. There was no question of patriotism, we were all patriots.
I am still a patriot but I have not at the beginning or do I now support the useless blood and treasure being spent in these countries. All we will ever accomplish is to increase hatred for all Americans.
Second, I continue to be astounded at our government leaders beginning with Bush and now Obama in urging us to stay in debt in support of the well being of Chinese workers. The US Chamber of Commerce and the US Association of Manufacturers avidly support moving more and more manufacturing jobs to this new dynamic country while leaving Americans to get by somehow on government giveaways or low paying service jobs.
The reason I took the time to respond is because I am offended that articles like this make their way into print.

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January 5, 2010

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