Friday, January 22, 2010

The Supreme Court Decision-1/21/2010

Yesterday, as expected, the Supreme Court under the direction of Chief Justice Roberts overturned restrictions on Corporations and Unions using their funds for or against candidates running for office. Specifically it agreed that corporations and unions may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for President or Congress, overturning a 20 year old ruling. The decision was five for and four against. It confirmed that the two members appointed by George W. Bush may continue for decades to come, keep promoting his right wing agenda in Washington and every State.
In 1886 there was a case before the Supreme Court between Santa Clara County and the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. In opening comments Chief Justice Morrison Waite stated that the 14th amendment, which protects the rights of individuals applied equally to corporations. This was not however the basis for settling the dispute but his statement has been used as if it had been a decision. From that point forward Corporations have used their wealth to further their causes. Later, another Court granted Labor Unions the same rights.
Administrations and Congress beginning in Teddy Roosevelt’s time have passed legislation trying to curb or lesson the impact that the wealth of these entities possessed, with their ability to influence elections far more than individuals or political action groups could. That is all gone now. The flood gates will be opened. The gullibility of most voters convinces me that candidates of their choosing will dominate in the future unless new legislation is passed which meets the High Court’s concept of Constitutionality.
Listening to right wing talk show hosts yesterday confirms for me that this ruling will be to the advantage of the Republican Party as they have historically been the party of big business.
As disappointed as I and others like me have been at the feeble efforts of the Democrats in “power”, I am saddened that our hope to curb corporate power will come to naught. What this means to me is that the people of America will continue to be manipulated to do their bidding to the detriment of all I care about. This means total domination by the big guys, continuous war somewhere with some country, with our young men dying to further the interests of multi- corporations, degradation of the environment or anything else that limits their ability to increase profit.
I could say more but what’s the use.

Jack B. Walters

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