Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter to the editor

U.S. Senate votes tomorrow to force China to allow their currency (the YUAN) to float to its true value.

No wonder Americans are confused. Here is a clear cut issue that our government under Bush and now Obama has been unwilling to face head on. China’s government does everything possible to add jobs for their people. This is admirable except for the extraordinary steps they have taken to achieve this goal. I will not fill this letter with them as it would take pages. This one issue, the Yuan, is on the table now, opposed vigorously by China, U.S. Corporations and Republican leadership, including Speaker John Boehner.
This one act would dramatically increase jobs for Americans and cost jobs for the Chinese. That is not our concern. The concern of Congress should be putting Americans back to work. Democratic Senator Harry Reid is pushing this bill. Wouldn’t you think that the Republican leadership would join forces? Some Republicans are as noted by the 79-19 advance legislation approved yesterday.

Jack B. Walters
October 5, 2011

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