Saturday, December 8, 2012

It is time to pay the Piper-a letter to the editor

As a nation we cannot continue to go deeper in debt. I for one am willing to go over the cliff rather than keep adding to the curse of debt we are passing on to our children’s children. Let the Bush tax cut expire. Our country was coming out of deficits with the Clinton tax rates. There of course will be repercussions but it has to happen sometime, why not now? Bring our troops home. Twelve years of trying has not changed the basics of Iraq or Afghanistan. Trillions wasted and precious lives lost. Face the reality that those people want to live the way they want. It is not Democracy nor will it ever be. Stop giving Billions to those nations who hate us and hope for the day we collapse. Stop the bleeding of the giveaway programs that are turning our people in to takers rather than givers. Jack B. Walters December 7, 2012

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