Monday, February 18, 2013

Luke's Popular Air Show Canceled-Letter to the Editor

The above was a front page article in The Arizona Republic 2/16.2013. The essence was that due to impending military budget cuts next month the show was cancelled. This is the traditional response to budget cuts whether in the military or transportation or anything else. Do something that directly impacts the public. Not fixing potholes is the response those of us living in Tucson well understand. An air show has a number of good things attributed to it; entertaining citizens, in particular children, showcasing the latest equipment, meeting military personnel and creating a positive relationship between citizens and the Air Force. By cancelling, the hope undoubtedly, will be a groundswell of public support to not cut funding. It, no doubt, will be successful. It always is. There are any number of cuts that could be made without decreasing military preparedness, known to many. Shame on Brig. Gen. Rothstein and his superiors in Washington. Jack B. Walters February 18,2013

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