Saturday, February 2, 2013

We are being taken for a ride again, stay alert

Most who pay any attention to the subject of illegal immigration know that in 1986 President Reagan granted amnesty to over 3 million immigrants who were in our country illegally. As kind and generous people we accepted with the assurance that steps would be taken to secure the border and that E-Verify would be mandatory for employers to use to determine the citizenship of employee prospects. A stab was made. Over the 23 intervening years an additional 12 million or so are known to be in America without proper documentation. They find ways to procure fake Social Security Cards, Drive’s licenses, etc. with ease. No matter how many billions have been spent on border fences, border patrol agents or electronic surveillance they keep coming. They are only slowed down when our economy tanks, otherwise it is business as usual. The bleeding hearts among us think that this is OK, the more the merrier. Most of these types have never seen the inside of a factory nor have any idea what it is like to do manual labor by the hour, day after day, year after year. There are Americans who do. These are the ones who are robbed of decent wages for performing these tasks. My constant theme is to create an environment to where good wages can be earned by those willing to work at something other than sitting in front of a computer. Spending additional funds on fences, etc. are only wasted dollars, only done to con the American people into thinking they are serious. E-verify was never made mandatory. We, the citizens of Arizona tried. We voted for it several years ago. To my knowledge there have been no serious efforts on the part of our State officials to penalize employers. SB 1070, wow, how much slack have we received over this? How many dollars have we taxpayers spent taking it all the way to the Supreme Court? Have any of you read about someone being pulled over on suspicion of being here illegally? I haven’t either. What is happening now is a political reaction of Republicans to the defeat they endured in the last election when over 70% of Hispanics voted Democrat. In my naivety I want to think that American citizens who are Hispanic think as I do and all other American citizens regardless of race or ethnic background. I guess I am wrong. What does that say about our long term survival as a country? Isn’t it interesting how politicians change their mind when they deem it necessary? Do you remember when McCain and Kennedy proposed amnesty? I heard him ask the question, “What should we do with these people”. He was deriding those of his own party who wanted them returned to their own countries. Then when he was running for President he wanted huge fences built to keep them from continuing to flood into our country. Mitt Romney softened his comments when he realized the Hispanic vote was against him. That didn’t fool anyone. I predict that not one additional Hispanic voter will vote Republican next time. It is a futile gesture that will backfire on them. During the decades this farce has been going on the Democrats loved the new voters and the Republicans liked the cheap labor. Lobbyists, I am sure, pummeled anyone who was serious about control. President Obama is being taken to Court by a group of Border Patrol agents for issuing orders contrary to the legislation enacted from which they get their orders on how to perform their duties. Perhaps the Supreme Court will put an end to his Executive orders in question. I don’t have much hope after witnessing their decisions on health care and political contributions by Corporations. On a talk show program last evening the question was asked about how illegals would be treated the day after amnesty is granted. The answer was they would not be treated the same. I consider that baloney. Once the door is opened it will never be closed. We might as well annex Mexico and the rest of Central America into a larger country rather than continue this farce. They will continue to desecrate Arizona wilderness areas. For an avid hiker like me this is sacrilege. I will only be convinced when I am assured that employment verification is in place and being monitored on a continuous serious basis. I don’t mean decades from now, I mean now. For whatever good it might do I intend to send this message to our elected officials. They can add it to the short stack of zealots like me and ignore as they usually do. Jack B. Walters

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