Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I believe about Islam

Muslims who live by the tenets of their faith believe they are superior to all other people who are not believers of Islam. Wherever they are in the majority they exert their power over all others. People who are Christians or Jews have been forced to leave until there are very few remaining in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Turkey. For the most part those of the Jewish faith have fled to Israel. How convenient to have them so concentrated that at the right moment they can be annihilated which has been the goal since this religion was created 1,300 years ago. Just this morning in the Star was an article about students turning in their teacher for supposedly anti-Muslim statements. She was arrested and will stand trial for blaspheme. There is no freedom of speech when Islam rules. I don’t consider Islam to be a religion. It is a cult, an ism as in Nazism or Communism. There I’ve said it. Jack B. Walters May 11, 2013

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