Sunday, June 30, 2013

Letter to the editor

Thanks to the leadership of the gang of eight John McCain and Jeff Flake we will have 40,000 border patrol agents, miles of fencing and drones. That should be enough to protect us from the Mexican people coming across. We only have 37,000 troops in S. Korea. They have done a wonderful job keeping out the million or more N. Korean troops from entering S. Korea. It appears to me that Mexicans are more feared than N. Koreans. The only difference is once they enter our country then they will be granted citizenship. I don’t believe that option is available in Korea. A thousand page bill costing $40 Billion. Kind of makes you proud that these great Arizona men have found a solution, doesn’t it? Now if only the House Republicans join in, victory is at hand. (In case you don’t understand this is meant as sarcasm.)

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