Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Documentary Film

Dirty Wars by Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill I went to see this new film at the Loft Theatre last night. Mr. Scahill explores how our government has grown increasingly dependent on secret fighting. He traces the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command. These people are invisible operating under the direction of the White House. They, together with the ever expanding use of drones have drastically changed the rules of engagement. It would appear that no matter how many enemies are killed, more rise up to take their place, clearly a scenario without a resolution. In my opinion the only reasonable course for us to take is an orderly removal of our military from the entire Middle East. Nothing we have done nor could we do, can have any long lasting positive results. We are dealing with a culture that espouses violence as the way to resolve disagreements in their religious beliefs. Do I think we will change course, of course not. Other than myself there were two other couples in the theatre. That tells me the lack of concern of the general public. Jack B. Walters July 2, 2013

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