Sunday, September 1, 2013

Letter to the editor

Syria is potentially our next victim I am going to pose a question. We have been fighting against Al-Qaeda for over a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are a major factor in the rebel opposition to Assad. I equate this group the same as “The Brotherhood”. Their goal is the same, the installation of Sharia law over every nation. As far as I am concerned under Obama we have been on the wrong side. Khadafy of Libya kept them under control. We aided them in murdering him. Mubarak of Egypt also kept them under control. We threw him under the bus as the old expression goes and now Assad. Won’t it be great when the Brotherhood gets their hands on those stockpiles of chemical weapons? It won’t be so great for Israel. They will be the first victim followed by America. Our John McCain is pushing Obama. Please tell him to stop. Jack B. Walters August 30, 2013

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