Sunday, September 1, 2013

Letter to the editor

President Obama’s Syria Decision I have never underestimated his intellect. Yesterday he showed how politically savvy he can be. His decision to throw the ball back to Congress was brilliant. For weeks now Republican leaders have been pressing him to attack Syria. The thought of a mere demonstration would not have appeased them. They want full out war and to depose Assad as we did Khadafy in Libya. No matter what course Obama might have taken would not have satisfied them. They will vote in unison in favor of attacking with the full power of our military. Only the dove portion of Democrats in the House and Senate might be able to override their zeal. We will be committing national suicide if we take sides in a civil war that is of no national concern to America. No use writing McCain and Flake. Contact Ron Barber he might listen. Jack B. Walters September 1, 2013

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