Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Honor Flight Program

I have written to you before about the Honor Flight Program. I am writing this time asking for donations. I can do so as I have just mailed a check to the Southern Arizona Region for $1,000. I share this not to brag or bring attention to myself but to let you know how important I believe this program to be. During the government shutdown fiasco, the thing that disturbed me most was seeing these veterans blocked out of visiting the memorials they had been brought to see. Some members of Congress interceded at the WWII memorial but others were kept locked such as the Vietnam memorial. By the way this program now includes veterans from Korea and Vietnam. A few years ago I read that the WWII vets were dying at the rate of 1,500 per day. It is down now to 600/day. In just a few more years they will all be gone. They were and are still the greatest generation in our history. It would be inconceivable to imagine the patriotism they had repeated today. Can you envision storming beachheads and leaving thousands of your friends and comrades lying dead on the sand? It will never be repeated. Today we are happy to send "volunteers” to do our fighting while President Bush and now Obama tell us to go shopping. It makes me sick when I recall those statements. Our country is fading fast as the source of good in this world. Soon we will be left with nothing but a huge debt to pay. When that happens we will be irrelevant to all other nations. Sorry for the last paragraph but that is how I feel today. At any rate should you feel any loyalty or respect for these brave men and women I ask for your support? Any amount I am sure will be appreciated and put to good use. Just check the web. I am sure you will find a group of volunteers for your area. Jack Walters October 23, 2013

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