Sunday, October 13, 2013

Letter to the editor

The Star Glorifies Law Breakers These criminals are rewarded for breaking laws by providing them with front page headlines with pictures and commentary. These people have graduated from providing drinking water to creating havoc by deliberately planning and orchestrating acts to prevent law enforcement from carrying out their responsibilities. You are not alone, the TV networks and talk radio also consider these acts worthy of providing free publicity. They surrounded local law enforcement and Border Patrol agents as they were apprehending obviously illegal immigrants and then three days later chained themselves to buses transporting illegals to the Court House. What you are doing is encouraging them. You do so as you have shown over the years that you support citizenship for those who are here illegally The right thing to do is deny recognition similar to the agreement decades ago about not identifying streakers at football games. Without coverage they might also lose interest. Jack B. Walters October 13, 2013

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