Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Jack B. Walters August 5, 2015 This has been a quiet week for me with Roxanna in Indiana. Without a new book to read I picked up my First Angry Man book and reread, then I continued with Still Angry. It was interesting to me the transition I went through from the beginning of 2,003 and 2,010. I didn’t continue with A Wake up call to America as it was still fresh in my mind. When I started writing I was enthused with this new tool at my disposal and the opportunities it gave me to express myself. The disillusionment is evident as the years pass by with the realization that my effort was of no redeemable value. I am convinced that even friends and family who received copies did not take the time to read other than scan. I started by writing thoughts that had been in my mind for decades. Until the computer and Word they had remained just thoughts. I voted for Bush. As each day went by he made bad judgement calls, one after the other. The Middle East wars which continue to this day, tax cuts which took a surplus trend to deficit. Other programs I will not repeat taking us deeper and deeper into debt. As you read the first book you should sense the anguish page by page as it worsens year by year. The second book starts with the last two years of Bush’s reign. I enthusiastically voted for Obama. Every speech he made he talked about issues which I agreed with. It soon became apparent that those were only words. His programs were even worse than Bush with the added emphasis of his strident support of all things Muslim, including bringing thousands to this country and sending to communities large and small. He has purged the military of those who dare recognize that the conflicts we are facing are with the radical element of Islam. He filled important positions with, in my opinion, those more in tune with Islam than America. To continue to argue that Islam is a religion of peace is a mockery. All through history they have created havoc whenever they were strong enough to do so. World domination is their goal. They are very successful at this. Europe will surely become a Muslim republic within the next decade or so. I assume we will hold on a little longer but we too will be taken over before too many more years pass by. I still wait to hear a candidate tell the truth of this. That will be the one I vote for. If any of you have a candidate that has said bold things like this, please let me know. The debate tomorrow night will probably be the same old garbage, issues that inflame and cause us to let our passion take over. Then when the smoke clears, these issues will remain as they have always been, ready to do the job again two years from now. How tragic.

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