Thursday, August 27, 2015

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

By; Nabeel Qureshi This, purportedly, is an account of a religious Muslim young man and his transition over a considerable period of time, to Christianity. I say purportedly as I was not convinced. Over decades of time as he struggled, only near the end did he discover the truth about the Prophet Mohammed, that he married a girl at age three and had intercourse with her at age nine, that he encouraged his followers to have as many wives as they wanted including women captured even if their husbands were still alive, that he slaughtered those unwilling to convert to Islam, etc. Any interested person, such as I, could have discovered these facts much earlier than he did. I have read many books that have articulated these happenings. It took him three dreams, which were messages from God (Jesus) for him to accept Christianity over Islam. Perhaps you have also been privileged to have direct communication with God. I will state that it has not happened for me, at least not as far as I can recall. Reading this was a chore. What I had hoped for was more reasoned testimony for moving away from Islam whether converting to Christianity or not, just based on the fallacy of the tenets of Islam and its hateful outlook on life, their belittling of all females, girls and women both, their glad acceptance of the use of force to get conversions or the use of force against any who attempt to leave the faith. By force I mean death. Their often spoken goal is of converting all to Islam or die or live as a second class citizen and forcing all young boys and girls to study the Koran to the detriment of basic information which could provide skills as they enter the grownup world. Until that happy day when sanity comes to the Muslim community and they decide to live peacefully with all others regardless of religion, I will continue to speak out attempting to get my readers to agree that in their present status all civilization is in peril. Jack B. Walters August 27, 2015

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