Friday, September 4, 2015

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

I discovered this organization three years ago. During an OLLI class someone said something critical about Israel. I spoke for Israel. After the session a class member came to me and asked if I knew about AIPAC. I said I didn’t. He asked if I was interested in learning, I agreed. Several weeks later I met two young men who enthusiastically told me about the committee. They assured me that funds contributed were not political donations for members of Congress or candidates. The money raised was used solely to educate members of Congress on the various issues of concern for Israel and the need that country has for continuing to have America as its most important friend. Included in this effort are trips to Israel so they can see firsthand the Garden of Eden that the Jewish people have created in Israel and the constant threats to their very existence from the many Muslim countries surrounding them. They try their best to be party neutral. Most members of Congress support Israel on a continuing basis. More than a little of this support is due to the ongoing effort of AIPAC. I am concerned that this hard won joint effort is being torn asunder as the Iran Deal has become a partisan issue with nearly all Democrats supporting the President and nearly all Republicans against. It will take great skill and diplomacy over the coming months to restore the neutral status, so dearly needed. While the Iran Deal is of utmost importance, it is not the whole package. As the years go by there will be other concerns requiring America’s backing. For the most part members of the United Nations vote against Israel on a continuing basis. Why they always side with the Palestinians is beyond me. Thousands of rockets fired into Israel are not important but when Israel fires back they are condemned. I have tried in the past to make the point of what America would do if faced with rockets being fired into our country. Regardless of which party held the White House I can assure you our response would be swift and of sufficient quantity to convince the enemy to reconsider, but when Israel responds they are accused of killing civilians when it is well known that Hamas locates the rockets in neighborhoods. In my opinion this is done to bring scorn down on Israel. Not only the United Nations but also here at home they are any number of groups urging their members to boycott Israel businesses. Some of these proclaim to be Christian. They always support Palestinians. Israel is always bad, etc. My purpose in writing this article is to ask that some of you might wish to learn more about AIPAC and perhaps contribute. Contributions are not tax deductible. For three years now I have given $2,000 each year. I would give more but there are other areas I try to support including grandchildren in their college funds and other organizations that are important to me. In Arizona the contact is Other States would no doubt be similar. Thanks for considering. Jack B. Walters September 4, 2015

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