Friday, September 4, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal

I have spent considerable time trying to understand whether this deal as proposed should be approved by our Congress. On a weekly basis I read Time and the Economist as well as newspapers, TV news channels and when in my car radio talk show hosts like Dennis Prager and even Rush. Last night I was privileged to attend a dinner meeting. There was a speaker with extensive experience in the Middle East. As a result I finally was able to clearly understand the issue. Up until then I had been concerned about who would check for compliance the many critical areas in Iran where nuclear activity is involved as well as military bases where missile systems are being perfected. I realize now that all of that is just a smoke screen to confuse the electorate. None of that makes any difference. The sum total of this agreement is that Iran in a few years’ time should they play fair will legally become a nuclear power. Voting for this agreement is voting to accept Iran into the nuclear club, of which we are the charter member. You might say, so what. Other nations have the capability to make and deliver nuclear bombs, so why deny Iran? The simple answer is because they state on a daily basis their desire to eliminate the Jewish people from Israel and also their continuing hatred of the United States. One or two bombs hitting Israel and it is all over for them. Of course they will retaliate. Why wouldn’t the Islamic clerics who are the rulers of Iran be concerned about that? The answer, in my opinion, is they just don’t care. From all I can find out without actually being there, most of the people just want to live normal lives. These are the ones who have suffered the most by the embargo and holding up to 150 billion of Iran’s money. They are the ones who took to the streets in 2009 protesting a rigged election and were crushed by doing so. The clerics have no concern for them. The destruction of Israel is of much greater concern. When we were in the Cold War with Russia Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) was the idea that saved us all. Both countries understood that they faced total destruction should either side nuke the other. That was rational and sane. The clerics are neither rational nor sane. That is the difference. In the interim while they still don’t have the bomb they will have the released funds to continue their support of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations which continue on a daily basis to destabilize the Middle East. No doubt many Americans will fall victim to these groups. I call upon all members of Congress to find a way to keep this agreement from being enacted. There has to be a way. This is not just another little argument between parties. It is the survival of mankind. Jack B. Walters September4, 2015

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