Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Roosevelt I knew by Francis Perkins

I learned of this book while reading “The woman Behind the New Deal”, which was the life story of Francis Perkins. I became so interested I wanted to learn more. Reading this book accomplished my purpose. In my review of the other book I tried to get the reader to understand the great contribution she made for Americans then and now. This book which she authored repeated some of those accomplishments but from a more personal basis, particularly with FDR as the main subject. She provides input into how he was able to make everyone he met feel that they were important. He placed capable people in positions of authority, gave them direction and let them do their job. Should someone be unable to perform for whatever reason he would find a replacement and continue on with the job. Forgive me if I digress but throughout my entire career with Firestone and the State of Iowa that is how I attempted to accomplish my responsibility. I might not have been as gentle as he, but I took my responsibility seriously and strode to accomplish whatever the objective might be. Management that failed was replaced. Referring to factory life, I took the position that if the Plant failed, we all lost. Replacing someone while never easy had to be done so our primary objective succeeded. I tried to be as humane as possible to the Union workforce as they were the ones doing the production work not management. There were inevitable conflicts that resulted in strikes or walk outs. Through it all they and I tried to resolve without rancor. There are many firsthand accounts of how FDR was able to accomplish his goals. I leave it to you, the reader, to discover for yourself. It is sufficient for me to say that this book added to all the other information I have gleaned over the years and only adds to my great admiration for this unique person who was there when needed the most. He stove to get America out of the Depression and he guided us skillfully to the attainment of victory over the Axis powers. We, as a people could not stand the thought that he would not be our leader which is why in 1944 he was re-elected to a fourth term. Just as with Lincoln we lost his leadership for the after war years. We can only wonder what the world lost with his untimely death. Jack B. Walters October 7, 2015

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