Saturday, November 7, 2015

Obama's gift to Warren Buffett

Yesterday Obama killed the Keystone pipeline project stating his aversion to “dirty” oil. He has kept it hanging for the seven years of his presidency. Now he is free to go to Paris to the global climate summit with his head held high. I have no doubt he will commit the United States to a reduction which will result in foreign countries directing our economy and thereby lessening our sovereignty. It will be the same as the Iran agreement. Since it is not a treaty the Republicans will not have sixty votes in the Senate to kill it and once again in spite of majorities in both houses the Democrats will stand firm in support of anything Obama wants. For your information “dirty” oil from Alberta has been coming into our country on a daily basis by rail car. I am guessing that when Warren Buffet invested $5 billion in the stock of the Northern Pacific Railroad, he was speculating that Obama would kill the pipeline. The cost to ship by rail is considerably higher than a pipe line. The possibility of spill is ever present. There are thousands of miles of pipelines crisscrossing America today. The concern about the aqueduct in Nebraska was resolved by a change in the routing. Whether Obama is paying back for Mr.Buffett’s support I don’t know but I do know the environmental activists who support Obama, Hillary and Bernie will reward the party with their votes a year from now. The Democratic President I loved was FDR. He would have approved the pipeline in a heartbeat. Jack B. Walters November 7, 2015

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