Saturday, November 14, 2015

Veteran's Day Thoughts

November 11 is the date set aside to honor our Veterans. I decided I would like to share some thoughts. Last Sunday after church I attended a luncheon for veterans. I am one also but my three years of service (1946-1949) did not include combat. My service was with the Air Force in the occupation of Japan. The speaker shared information I had never thought about before. During WWII 11.1% of American citizens were in uniform. What that meant was that every family was impacted one way or another which I believe is why that generation is considered the greatest generation. We were all in it together. In each succeeding decade afterwards the percentage decreased. He stated that today less than 0.5% of our current population is affected. This would appear to explain why most of us don’t know anyone on active service. Both President Bush and Obama told us to do our part by going shopping and leave the fighting for the professionals. As a result we treat them like paid mercenaries rather than brothers and sisters sons and daughters as we did before. This just isn’t right. I don’t have an answer to solve it but just making the point to you I felt was important. Whenever we see one, we should go out of our way to say Hi and thank them for their service. They are the thin red line between us and disaster. I have on occasion left a 20 dollar bill with a waitress to apply to their tab. Not much but the hope was that they would appreciate the gesture. A really great way is to donate airline miles to the hero miles program. You can find it using this name or go to Fisher House Foundation. I had miles with two airlines that would be expiring soon. I knew I wouldn’t be using them so I gave 43,755 miles. It is easy to do, just enter your account and look for donate. Scroll down to Heros, enter the amount and the good deed is done. You help military personnel travel home when they must purchase tickets. I am really hoping you will participate. Jack B. Walters November 13, 2015

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