Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do you ever wonder?

I must admit for the past months I have been watching and reading about the candidates for President. They as a group from both parties tell us over and over the ideas they have to restore America to its greatness. Reforming the Income Tax, becoming energy independent, creating good paying jobs for our workers, improving the health care system, solving the illegal immigration process, protecting us from the Muslim terrorists, stop the growth of debt to foreign countries and many other topics. Do you ever wonder if it is possible with our form of government that just by placing him or her into office as President that these great and wonderful achievements will miraculously appear? The President can request but cannot dictate to the Congress. The reason FDR was able to accomplish his goals was because he had his party to enact his programs. Think what has happened in recent years particularly from the Republican side. First we were told if they had the House (which initiates funding) that they could accomplish good things. When that didn’t happen they said give us the Senate so we gave it to them. How has that turned out? Since they have the majority but not super majority nothing gets past the Senate even if the House tries. So unless they can get control of the Senate even with a Republican President none of these great wonderful achievements can occur. There are so many issues that in my mind are important for our well-being, why is it that both parties cannot find common ground? It appears to me that no matter who becomes president that person will not be successful unless the Congress is overwhelmingly of the same party so your voting decision for a candidate must also be for the House and Senate of the same party. Only in this way in this Century can anything of value be accomplished. The party you choose, of course, is up to you. Don’t let the TV blitz adds funded by pacts persuade you to change your mind. They have been so successful increasingly in my life time that we have just become lemmings. Jack B. Walters January 21, 2016

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