Friday, January 15, 2016

Leonard Pitts editorial 1/14, 2016 Comparing Trump to Hitler

When Hitler gathered enough support to influence the German people to vote him and the NAZI Party into power it was during the years following the Depression which was devastating to the country. He did in fact restore Germany well ahead of all other countries including America. In his popular book Mein Kampf he laid blame for the depression on the Jewish people. That turned out to be acceptable to them. In fact the Jews were made scapegoats by most if not all European countries and were singled out for retribution. That they were responsible, of course, was not true. What is happening today with Muslims in entirely different? The zealots of the Islam religion carry out atrocities on a daily basis all over the world. The leaders clearly state their goal of converting all to Islam or they will be subjugated or killed. It is that simple. Do all Muslims support this, of course not, but there are millions who do. You should be aware that our current President has done all in his power to support Muslims. His ineffectiveness in fighting them in the Middle East is proof of that. With the overwhelming military we possess we could make ISIS disappear as an entity but our forces are handcuffed to where they cannot do the job. He has placed many Muslims in positions of authority sufficient, in my opinion, to confuse any effort to slow down their march to total dominance. Every time Muslims are identified as perpetrators of some heinous act he and his staff go out of their way to protect Muslim citizens by convincing Americans that these are just isolated happenings. Donald Trump, Ben Carson and a few others recognize the threat and propose dealing with it forcefully. It will never happen during the rest of Obama’s term nor will Hillary or Bernie should one of them become the next President. As each day goes by we drop further behind. My fear is that when Americans finally understand it will be too late. The thought of Sharia Law being the doctrine replacing the Constitution is sickening to me. I have granddaughters who I want to grow and become whatever they are capable of achieving, not subjugated to a status of inferiority and dominion. Jack B. Walters January 14, 2016

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