Friday, August 26, 2016

Night by, Elie Wiesel

Mr. Wiesel was a young boy of 15 when the Germans rounded up all of the Jewish people in his small town of Signet, Hungary. On April 10, 1044 an American tank drove into the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. He alone of all of his family survived after enduring hardship that I cannot conceive anyone could endure. He made it his mission in life to keep the memory of these events from disappearing over time. He was a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for this book and forty others he wrote. This one is only 120 pages and easily read. When I requested it at the library I was told that a large number of other people had also requested it. We had noticed his death notice in the paper and all wanted to read. This time I am not going to provide details, rather I am requesting that you also exhibit interest and read it yourself. As the survivors of WWII dramatically decrease in number, in a few years none will be left. Only books, museums and old movies will be left to keep the memory alive. Jack B Walters August 26, 2016

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