Thursday, September 8, 2016

Letter to the editor

Message for Colin Kaepernick and his supporters I read today how pleased you are that those who agree with you are rushing out to purchase your jersey. You live in a country, as a black man, who earns $16 million/year throwing a football. You refuse to honor that country out of your and their distorted “black lives matter” beliefs. I understand one other teammate followed your example and that others are starting to copycat. Here is where it will end. Those Americans, who love this country unconditionally, like me, will no longer purchase tickets nor watch on TV any team with a player who shows disrespect to America. I am confident millions feel the same. They may not put their name to a letter to the editor but they will no longer support any athletic team that has players such as you on their team. Jack B. Walters September 8, 2016

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