Friday, September 23, 2016

Chaos in Charlotte

My son and his family live in Charlotte. I have visited it many times. It is a beautiful city with an exciting downtown and beautiful tree covered hillsides for neighborhoods. Because of a confrontation between an armed black man and a black police officer the blacks took to the streets in what was supposedly a peaceful demonstration. It was anything but. As is usually the case when these occur the heavily protected police form a line while at the same time individuals are destroying cars parked on the street and breaking into and looting stores. They are easily identifiable but no matter, in the interest of being nice they are allowed to carry on. My son was told to stay home yesterday together with 35,000 other workers. What is the cost of that? How many people enjoyed eating out, going to a movie or show or sporting event? How many booked rooms were canceled? Who pays for all of this? Oh by the way I just heard from President Obama “Police try to improve community relations but sometimes get it backward”, another slap at law enforcement. This is his standard response. Hillary said the same thing. A report today stated that an aide for Trump was forced to resign because she laid the blame for the deteriorating relationship between black and white on Obama. I too blame it squarely on him. Every time he opens his mouth he takes the side of “black lives matter” types. I truly believe he hates white Americans. When he first took his apology tour it was white America he was apologizing for. I am totally convinced that there is a network all across America of blacks who are ready and anxious to destroy. All they need is an excuse and away they go. All of the progress from the 60’s has been wiped out. I heard a black man on the radio today talking about white devils. This all started in Watts years ago when the video of Rodney King was made available and the police were not charged. They destroyed the better part of Watts. I remember a white truck driver taken out and murdered with a cement block crushing his head. The police did nothing to protect property or lives. Ferguson was the same and everywhere else. When the Charlotte police finally started arresting people, they discovered that 70 % were from somewhere other than Charlotte. Ask yourself if this is accidental or is it orchestrated. If so who is doing it and how are funds distributed? Charlotte is the last place I would expect trouble like this. At some point they will no longer be allowed to destroy the quality of life as has become the new normal. No city can say it won’t happen here. It must stop or there will be a race war as there were in the past. If it does decades of progress will be lost. What a tragedy that would be for America. Jack B. Walters September 23, 2016

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