Friday, May 8, 2009

Assoc. Press article about Muslims in Europe

Study finds religion not a big stress factor for Muslims in West
(Associated Press article- 5/8/2009)

What a bunch of hogwash. The article claims that Muslims do not consider religion as important as jobs. If that is so then why have only 10% integrated themselves into British Society, 46% in France and 35% in Germany? These are the percentages listed in the article. I doubt if they are true. Everything I have read in books and news media tells me that they deliberately keep apart and do not allow integration into society, preferring to stay in conclaves living by their own laws and defying the countries laws and customs.
This article is nothing more than balm to soothe us and keep us asleep while their poison spreads country to country with the ultimate goal of ruling the world. They are doing a commendable job of it. Certainly no high ranking official in our government has a clue. They continue to fiddle while the fire starts burning higher and higher.

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May 8, 2009

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