Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Lincoln- a book report

Our Lincoln
New Perspectives
On Lincoln and his world
Edited by Eric Foner

This is a new book published in 2008. It is unusual in that Mr. Foner did not write it. He compiled chapters written by different researchers. Each of them wrote about Lincoln in the various aspects of his life. Instead of an overview, each of them concentrated on one subject. For example the first chapter is his role as commander in chief while the ninth chapter covers his religion.
As most of you have probably done, I have read countless books about Lincoln. Fortunately, the ones I have read were positive. I was hurt to realize in the final chapter the number of negative books that have also been published. I find it sad that in current times so many have tried to cheapen the lives and accomplishments of so many of our greatest leaders in American history.
The growth and skill of this man as he steered the Union through its darkest years is a marvel to recall. He was always opposed to slavery but at the same time early on did not consider Negroes the equal of whites. This began to change as he allowed leading black leaders the opportunity to visit with him in the white house and changed completely when the blacks in the Union Army acquitted themselves in such outstanding ways beginning with the Massachusetts’ 64th Infantry’s attack on Ft. Wagner in South Carolina. After that he not only pushed for their freedom but also for all other rights of white citizens including education.
If you are open to read another Abraham Lincoln book, you will not be disappointed. I found this in the Tucson Public Library.

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