Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Post- Corporate World

Life after Capitalism
By: David C. Korten

Mr. Korten previously wrote a book entitled “When Corporations Rule the World”. This new book suggests how much improved the world could be if they no longer had control. I will probably punish myself by reading his other book. Whether I do or not, it will probably not change my current opinion. There is no question in my mind that money rules and all else is merely what’s left. All governments are seemingly powerless to resist the mega bucks controlled by international corporations. He mentions in passing the enormous influence and power of organizations such as: the Council of Foreign Affairs, the Bilderberg, the Tri- Lateral Commission, and the Business Roundtable. He also lists the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and their control over third world countries.
The theme of this new book is to point out that there are many groups of caring, thoughtful people around the world that are fighting back. He lists a number of success stories. He points out a goal of substituting life for money and how when considerations other than wealth are used that improvements can be forthcoming.
This is not an easy book to read. I will recommend it nonetheless to those who care as I do.
I would like to close this review with information contained about how and when Corporations were granted the same privilege as persons. It came about with a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court in 1886. There was a case involving Santa Clara County vs. the Southern Pacific Railroad. Their decision was that a private corporation is a person and entitled to the legal rights and protections the Constitution affords to any person.
This decision is responsible for the growth in power and wealth of corporations at the detriment of our people. It would be great if some group put forward a test case to try to overturn. Since this happened so long ago our government leaders must have concluded that it is proper. I doubt if it will change, which will maintain the status quo where corporations, due to their enormous financial power will continue to dominate and control whoever we elect to government positions.

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