Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chinese leaders could not be happier

Letter to the Editor
Every time we drop a guided bomb on a truck or tank in Libya they smile, knowing that is more wasted money being spent by America as we go further down the drain toward bankruptcy.
While Boehner and Reed huddle together trying to find agreement on which domestic program to cut the saga continues as we exhaust ourselves spending on our foolish wars in the Mid East. Case in point, in an article this morning we learn that there is an agency with 1,900 employees dedicated to finding solutions to prevent deaths from roadside bombs. They have spent nearly 17 billion to date with no results. The death and wounded numbers have increased from 270 in 2008 to 3,366 in 2010.
Here is a novel idea. Bring our people home from this cursed region. If we did that there would be no more deaths of our soldiers.

Jack B. Walters

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