Thursday, March 24, 2011

NATO attack on Libya

I wrote a letter the day the action started. You did not see fit to publish so I am trying again.

Letter to the Editor- Arizona Daily Star

The ultimate reason stated over and over is to prevent an imminent humanitarian crisis. I have a question what is the difference between Libya and Darfur? In Darfur millions were displaced from their homes by raiding bands of Muslim Arabs who wiped out Christian black villages killing and enslaving. The United Nations and NATO were reluctant to intervene when in my opinion a few drone aircraft blowing away a few of these groups might have stopped the massacre. There is only one answer I can think of, and that is “OIL”. Interfering in Yemen might have disrupted the flow of oil to China and the disruption of oil to Europe from Libya is causing problems there plus raising the cost worldwide. So there you have it, oil is the answer not humanitarianism.
Also noted is that the majority of Americans support bombing Libya, how sad.

Jack B. Walters

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