Friday, June 29, 2012

Dark Clouds Gather over the Land

This has been an historic week for the Supreme Court and America. They ruled in favor of the health care law by naming the cost to not purchase health care a tax. They ruled that in protecting free speech it is permissible to claim military service and medals earned. They threw out most of SB 1070. The one part they allowed was abrogated immediately by Obama ordering Homeland Security to not co-operate with Arizona law enforcement, making it a hollow victory. What this means to me is that States Rights have been compromised. My reading of the Constitution is that the intent was to give maximum power to the States with only a few well defined rights to the Federal Government. With the new power to tax whatever they want the Federal Government will reign supreme. These are not political issues, they are States Rights Issues. Jack B. Walters June 29, 2012

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