Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jack Kennedy-Elusive Hero by Chris Mathews

I found this book at the library. It is an in depth study of his life starting as a child and student. It is not my type of book. While filled with facts I just didn’t feel the real Jack Kennedy, none the less I would recommend reading for anyone interested in his life and Presidency. He was always bold and willing to push the envelope whether in school, the Navy or politics. He was always his own man, never willing to lean too much on others. I will confine this review to statements made by Ted Sorensen and Jackie Kennedy. Ted Sorensen –“ An American President, commander in chief of the world’s greatest military power, who during his presidency did not send one combat troop division abroad or drop one bomb, who used his presidency to break down the barriers of religious and racial equality and harmony in this country and to reach out to the victims of poverty and repression, who encouraged Americans to serve their communities and to love their neighbors regardless of the color of their skin, who waged war not on smaller nations but on poverty and illiteracy and mental illness in his own country, and who restored the appeal of politics for the young and sent Peace Corps volunteers overseas to work with the poor and untrained in other countries _ was in my book a moral president, regardless of his personal misconduct.” Jackie Kennedy – She gave a four hour monologue to Teddy White of Life magazine. The article was read by millions around the world. They accepted her widow’s vision; they took to their hearts the notion of Camelot_ that vanished, shining place presided over by a noble, merry hero. One last thought that was brought out in this book was his aversion to sending combat troops into Vietnam even though pressured to do so by his military staff. Early in the book there were comments about France fighting to maintain their colony there, so his aversion came early in life. I am totally convinced that he would not have allowed combat troops into that country. With his death the flood gates were opened. We all know how that came out. He did avert doomsday by keeping the military from bombing Cuba which could have resulted in Russia taking over Berlin and perhaps retaliation using nuclear weapons. We as a country and as a people were starting to regain our confidence. With his death followed shortly by King and then Bobby brought this all to an end from which we have never recovered. Jack B. Walters June 9, 2012

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