Saturday, June 16, 2012

Letter to the editor concerning the City Courses

Golf Course thoughts to consider Without doing extensive research I have the following comments to make. I have avoided playing on public courses for over ten years while before they were my venue of choice, for the following reasons; 1-After taking my picture and printing my resident card which was to be for all time, the management decided to have an annual fee. I have refused to pay it. 2-The city decided to sock it to winter visitors who brought their motor homes to Tucson for the winter by adding 75 cents to their costs to pay for Kino Stadium. I talked with some of them at the time. This added cost cut their playing time from twice per week to once per week. Others were mad enough they left Tucson altogether and went to Benson where they were warmly welcomed. 3-Ten years or so ago the city fired anyone who had any knowledge about golf and replaced them with city employees who I suspect were buddies of theirs. What happened, greens were poisoned at El Rio causing a great loss. I’m sure there were other issues like this that I didn’t follow through lack of interest. 4-Rudeness of starters and other employees- Somewhere along the way the employees decided that golfers were of lower estate than they. I can personally attest to this on the few occasions I did play. Others have mentioned similar experiences. I have continued to play golf at other courses since leaving the city courses. Your editorial in today’s Star is what occasioned me to write. The City raising cost by $3/ round will result in fewer tee times, not more. Golf is a business. It should be run by business people as a profit making venture not just for the benefit of city employees with their generous pensions, etc. My suggestion is to put it out for bids and let the private sector take over. If some courses can’t make it, then convert to parks. Jack B. Walters May 10, 2012

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