Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri

I have hesitated in writing about this tragic happening in Missouri. Six shots would appear excessive, but Brown was a large man even though young. At least they were frontal wounds not back as previously reported. I don’t believe his friend’s testimony that Brown was holding his hands up. He was after all an accomplice in a robbery just minutes before. Bullet wounds to the top of his head would not be possible were his hands over his head. None of us have the knowledge of the conditions between the police force and the citizens in Ferguson. Perhaps there has been rage building for some time. I am sure this will come to light before this is all over. Having said that, I still cannot condone the continuing demonstrations occurring daily and ending every night in looting and other acts of violence. This is Watts all over again. All the usual vultures are in town including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I shouldn’t exclude the Black Panthers. Certainly their only purpose is to calm things down. What I really resent is the comments from Obama and Attorney General Holder. They sent 40 FBI agents to interview residents. At every opportunity these two band together whenever a black is involved. I ask a simple question, “If the victim was white would they be involved”. Jack B. Walters August 18, 2014

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