Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Derelict President

It is no accident that President Obama takes action or inaction as our commander-in chief as I will list below. He knows what he is doing. Boots on the ground- He added troops to Afghanistan and then has delayed removing them. Do you really believe that Afghanistan will not be a repeat of Iraq where untold billions of military equipment has fallen into the hands of Islamic militants dedicated to the destruction of Israel and America. I voted for him the first time believing his speeches that he would extricate us from ground fighting. He didn’t get my vote the next time as I was one of the minorities who realized he had lied to Americans. He encouraged the removal of Mubarak of Egypt who had kept the Brotherhood in check. He then applauded Morsi and provided F-16’s and Abram tanks. Morsi betrayed the people by dissolving the government and creating a new Islamic Constitution. Morsi also referred to Israelis as apes and pigs. Then Obama was angered when the military took control after the people had rebelled, in effect he took the side of the brotherhood. He attacked Libya and its leader Khadafy for humanitarian reasons. Khadafy kept the brotherhood in check. Obama led the air war that destroyed Khadafy’s military forces. Khadafy was brutally murdered and the country is in chaos today as the brotherhood fights to control the country. He is doing nothing here including defending our Embassy in Benghazi when it was overrun by Islamic terrorists and now we have even abandoned our Embassy in Tripoli. Secretary Kerry flies around the world condemning one nation after the other when the Muslim population is threatened by exasperated citizens. I am referring to Nigeria, India and Myanmar. The newly elected Prime Minister of India Morsi was once in charge of a province that rose up against Muslims who had murdered Hindus. Kerry advised we were watching him. The one country I have not heard mentioned is China with their handling of the Muslims in the Northwest section of China. They are the Uyghur’s. Perhaps he is afraid to draw their wrath? When the radical Islamic group called ISIS rose up in Iraq and made astonishing gains overnight including conquering a city of two million people, Mosel, my first reaction was to stay out of the conflict. I considered it just another of the ongoing hatred battles between Sunni and Shia Muslims. I was wrong. This is far more serious as we are realizing now that they have expelled all persons from Mosel who are not of the Islamic faith. Thousands were stranded on a mountain top with their lives threatened. Finally Obama authorized air strikes but in my opinion not enough to severely hamper these thugs. He has a news conference and then returns to the golf course. I have heard commentators state that elected officials deserve vacations. President Eisenhower played golf but our military was not involved in combat during the entire eight years he was in office. The American tax payers have spent over a billion providing entertaining trips for Obama and his family all the while our country and the world needs a strong hand on the tiller. Where, oh where, is Teddy when we need him? Iran has advised that the agreement extension that is scheduled to expire in November will have to be extended. This is the easing of sanctions in exchange for Iran stopping their enrichment program. Obama will acquiesce all the while they are developing faster methods to enrich Uranium. He will not attack. Iran will have the weapons they seek. When this is accomplished the entire Middle East will face the most dangerous time ever. An Iran with these weapons will be in the position to easily destroy Israel and then threaten America and Europe. Of course Israel will retaliate but their homeland will be gone. What a tragedy if this comes to pass. For your information I have been thinking about writing this article for over a month now. I look at it, change something and add other thoughts. I could go on and on but my purpose is simply to ask you, the reader, to consider what is happening and make your voices heard. To wrap this up I am ending by adding the comment from Obama today that he does not have a strategy developed to deal with ISIS in Syria. On the same news cast was a video of 50 Arab men in underwear being led into a field and executed. No strategy!!!How could this be? We are adrift in a violent storm with no Captain at the helm to guide us through. By the way it was also reported that Obama was heading out for two fund raisers tomorrow. Half of you receiving this still support Obama. You are intelligent and have led successful lives and supported your families. How can you not see the danger we face with Obama as President? Jack B. Walters August 28, 2014

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