Monday, September 8, 2014

13 Hours-Benghazi

We just finished watching this special report on Fox News. If you haven't you should. It is an interview with three survivors of that attack on our compound and later the CIA complex. At the end they were asked about the politics of it. They refused to comment. They were only willing to tell their personal story. Incredible courage in facing many combatants with their few number. The key things I got out of it were; 1- As soon as they heard gunfire they wanted to drive to the compound but were told not to three times over a period of 25 minutes. In their opinion had they not been delayed they might have reached there in time to save the Ambassador. Whether that stand down order was local or from a higher authority was not revealed to us. 2- In the days and weeks following the attack we were told repeatedly that aircraft could not get there in time to help. These men refute that. A gunship could have done considerable damage to the terrorists. A simple fly over by a jet might have persuaded them to retreat. Rescue teams could have been dispatched and arrived in time to at least aid in the defense of the complex. OK, you might say, how could the Administration know it would last that long. My response is so what. Send help as soon as possible and if too late for the battle, at least help in the aftermath. I, for one, will never forgive Barack and Hillary for not making the attempt to rescue and then covering it all up by begging forgiveness from the Arab world for a video. Some of you think this is just political rhetoric to attack Obama. You are no doubt correct but some of us want the truth because we think it is important. Covering up a debacle like this is unacceptable to me. Jack

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