Thursday, September 11, 2014

Letter to the editor

Another example of our Federal Government not correcting abuses In today’s addition of the Arizona Daily Star was a Los Angeles Times article entitled “Unemployable senior vets get most of benefit”. As long ago as 1934 the VA created an unemployment benefit. This was before Social Security even existed. No doubt there was a need then but to allow this to continue 80 years later without revising is beyond belief. Currently it is costing us $4 Billion/ year giving these funds to those deemed unemployable including veterans over the age of 90. 56% goes to those over 65 and 11% to those over 80. How difficult would it be to lower the age to 50 or thereabouts or eliminate altogether. What hope do we have of ever getting out of debt with the many giveaway programs like this on the books? Jack B. Walters September 11, 2014

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