Friday, September 26, 2014

Playing at War

Once again Americans are being duped by our leaders. They send million dollar missiles to partially destroy oil refineries so that they can be restarted at some later time assuming friendly people take possession. How long do you think it will take for the terrorists to re-start? In a real war you put aside all considerations about civilian casualties and carpet bomb areas where these thugs are located. The B-52 would be my weapon of choice. We also send million dollar missiles to blow up one of our old Humvees that was abandoned by the Iraqi Army at the first opportunity. I don’t know how the press is able to show videos of columns of vehicles heading down the road to capture another town but there they are. I would pummel them with the Gatling guns of our superb A-10 fighter bombers. You know the one they want to discard on the rubble heap of history. Like in WWII strafe the columns and send them to their God. No plane can do it better at minimal cost. Just food for thought. Jack B. Walters September 26, 2014

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