Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dog Whistle Politics- a book report

By; Ian Haney Lopez (How coded racial appeals have reinvented racism and wrecked the middle class) A short report If you were born white you are racist. A full report I never asked why, but this book was recommended by a friend as something I should read. I hope it wasn’t because of my writings and the e-mails I choose to forward. Whatever that answer might be I will state at the outset that I cannot ever remember reading a serious book which I disliked so intently. As I usually do after purchasing a book from Amazon I will send them a copy to be placed with others who have read and reviewed. I intend to give it a one star rating which is the lowest possible, not because of the author’s ability to communicate, but because of the content. He looks at everything from the standpoint of race. No matter what the issue is, the blame is placed squarely on the backs of everyone in America who was born white. No exceptions. Whether you are a good person or a bad person, a Democrat or Republican, a conservative or liberal, a religious person or atheist, nothing you can do can keep you from being racist. In his concluding chapter he states quite plainly that the Republican Party is racist and while in the book he also attacks the Democratic Party, particularly when Bill Clinton was President, he concludes that the Democratic Party should be the party of choice for all those who oppose racism. He states that accusing Republicans of racism should be the weapon of choice and while many people of both parties have the opinion that we have passed the era of the 60’s and before, he firmly states this is not the case. He attempts to prove his theory by reviewing tactics starting with George Wallace. There can be no doubt about that. “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” He shows examples from many campaigns. Bush clobbered Dukakis with his Willy Horton add. Dukakis had been Governor when Horton was released from prison only to rape a white woman, because of that the polls showed an instant drop in support for Dukakis and is credited with the victory for Bush. He accuses Clinton because of legislation passed to place restrictions as being required in order to receive welfare checks. While many people of all races receive welfare checks, his theory is that white voters placed a race identity, as lazy blacks living off the backs of hard working white people, his words not mine. No doubt much of what he states has validity but to accuse an entire race for keeping black people down in today’s world, just does not compute, at least for me. You can always read the book for yourself if interested. On page 39 he tells a story about how the 13th Amendment was made useless in the South because of its wording. It banned slavery but the last sentence read “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted…” I never had any idea that the South for eighty years used this as a way to enslave blacks. It was only ended during WWII when enemy propaganda pointed out the fact and accused America of doing the same to Negros as Germany was doing to Jews. The South found them guilty of trumped up charges and then sold their labor to mines and other dangerous work places with no regard to their wellbeing. At least when they were slaves the owners had an investment to protect but whether a convict grew sick or died, it was of no concern; they could just get more as needed. To think that this continued for so long without being challenged is a blight on our history. I have done a lot of heavy thinking about the contents of this book. There can be no denying that those of the white race have held a superior position to all people of color whether black, brown, red or yellow. This country was colonized by the English, French and Dutch at the beginning. Later other peoples arrived from Germany, Italy, Ireland and later Eastern Europeans. These later groups were discriminated against as being inferior. No nation’s people were whiter than the Irish. They were treated shamefully. My point being that it was not color but more a sense of trying to maintain a superior standing over the newcomers and being threatened as they usually would agree to work for less pay. That was also true for Orientals and Mexicans. I sincerely believe this is just a fact of human nature and has nothing to do with race. We each in turn try to defend our territory and family units from any threat. The author states that concerns about illegal immigration and members of the Muslim faith are racial. I think otherwise. Illegals take jobs from citizens. Just read Kathleen Schwartzman’s book entitled “The Chicken Trail” to get a firsthand look. The owners of chicken processing plants in the South replaced blacks with illegal immigrants from Mexico by various methods. The blacks were trying to improve working conditions. The illegals did what they were told without complaining. As to the Muslims, how could this be racist? Muslims are not just Arabic. They are Persian’s from Iran and have been growing leaps and bounds with conversions of people of every color. People like me who rail against Islam, do it because of the obvious threat to world peace as militant Islam grows all over the world. This has nothing to do with race. This author is a Professor at Berkley, California. The thought of him on a daily basis teaching hatred to young minds is appalling to me. He is, of course, not the only one. Indoctrination is an ongoing process and I am sure has planted these type ideas firmly in the minds of our young people, for whom we sacrifice greatly, so they can acquire an education. By stirring the fires of hatred between races only bad results can be achieved. You cannot elevate one class of people by bringing down another class. We must, to be successful be blind to color as we were pleaded to by Martin Luther King Jr. to judge people by the content of their character not skin color. Lastly I have a message for black Americans. First quit calling yourselves African-Americans. Until we all consider ourselves American we can accomplish nothing of value. Second talk clear English. Think how much white America enjoyed watching the antics of the Huckstable family on television. A black family that sounded normal to us. Politicians like Herman Caine, Ben Carson and actors like Morgan Freeman. They are black but have learned to speak properly. I have two friends at the church I attend who are held in very high esteem. They couldn’t be blacker if they wanted to be but they speak clearly and do not act inferior. They are both strong and articulate. Those who slur their speech and use the f- word every sentence do nothing but harm relationships with other races. Siring children without being an active parent does nothing to elevate our regard. Not trying to better their lives but living off the system as so many do causes resentment. I will catch h—for saying this but we cannot move forward if we are not willing to call a spade a spade, can we? What I am saying is, there will not be resistance for those who are actively pursuing the American dream. Go for it like everyone else has to. Forget the blame game. Let’s all move forward as Americans. Jack B. Walters October 5, 2014

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