Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Leon Panetta's new book

He has been on numerous programs promoting his new book "Worthy Fights". I have not read nor do I think I will bother. I am offended by his assertion that the war against ISIS type enemies will continue for another 30 years. We have already been there for 12 years expending thousands of our soldiers’ lives either dead or wounded plus over a trillion dollars. This cannot continue without the ruination of our country. In a previous e-mail I sent out under the heading “Playing at War" I proposed using our military for maximum effect including carpet bombing of concentrations of ISIS fighters. The weapon of choice would be the B-52. No plane we possess can do the harm that this plane can. We must hit them hard quickly not piecemeal as we have been doing. Our efforts to date have not slowed the advance. Have you heard that plane loads of Iraqi soldiers have been sent north to fight side by side with the Kurds? I thought so, I haven't either. The Turks are just sitting there watching without becoming actively involved. Panetta wants American ground troops on the ground. Should we do that there will be many videos produced of those captured having their heads chopped off. I say no. It is bad enough to have our airmen in harm’s way but adding ground troops is insanity. Bomb ISIS without regard to civilian casualties, hit them with maximum destruction and then hope and expect the locals to clean up the mess and return that part of the world to normal living, whatever that may be and get out as fast as we can. Jack Walters October 8, 2014

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