Monday, October 13, 2014

Khartoum-a movie

For relaxation I was channel hopping last Friday evening and I happened to catch a very well done movie from 1966 starring Charlton Heston and Lawrence Olivier. Heston played the part of General Gordon and Olivier the Muslim Arab leader who declared he was the long sought Mahdi. In the Koran the Mahdi is to emerge in the last days and lead the Muslim people to overwhelm the Earth and establish an Islamic World Order. In order to accomplish this mission Khartoum is to be the first to fall followed by other Capitals in the Arab world and then beyond. It was just a movie but it brought to my mind that those who continue to claim that Islam is a religion of peace are just not willing to accept the fact that this has been the goal for 1,300 years and will continue to be the goal until eventually accomplished or defeated. The Ottoman Empire nearly succeeded. We have been continually deceived by our Presidents and other world leaders for decades now to where most don’t understand. In a class I attended last week the topic was Israel. At one point a classmate asked the question why we should care about Israel. In other words what was important enough that America should continue to provide aid as we have since its inception in 1948? I immediately blurted out “How could we not after six million were put to death in WWII”. As I was leaving two friends stopped me and expressed their concern about Israel continuing to build housing for Jews in Jerusalem and other places. The implication being that if they would only stop and negotiate with Hamas and give back territory won in war, that peace would finally come to this part of the world. No doubt it will be peaceful enough when the Jewish people are exterminated which surely will be the result. This was my answer. Both President G.H. and George Bush have been closely allied with Muslims. The attraction was oil. After 9/11 George went on television to declare that Islam was a peaceful religion. All airfare was grounded except for the planes required to escort the many Bin Laden family members out of our country. No one in the press seriously questioned this fact. Obama also has spoken repeatedly that Islam is peaceful as has David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England. We continually provide armaments of every kind to the Arab nations and refer to them as allies. I find this tragic. Not only have we exhausted ourselves with blood and treasure but we continually provide Aircraft Carriers and other forces to keep the Sea Lanes open without compensation or even thanks. It is expected and demanded. We meekly do their bidding. The only reason countries like Saudi Arabia are included as allies in the fight against IS is because they know that their kingdoms will collapse when IS reaches their borders. After a few sorties on the first day have any of you heard that the Saudis are continuing aircraft missions? I haven’t. As to the fanfare about the devastating strikes the first day now we learn that those buildings were deserted. IS had plenty of warning that an attack was imminent. The strikes against IS are ineffective. They haven’t slowed down IS’s advance towards Baghdad and of course the Kurds are about to lose Kobani, a major city being overwhelmed by superior weaponry and forces. Turkey “our ally” has tanks lined up on the border within sight of the fighting but refuses to get involved unless we make the major focus fighting Assad. Kurds living in Turkey have taken to the streets in protest. Over 20 have been killed so far. Turkey refuses to allow Kurds to cross the border to fight alongside others of their faith but for months now Turkey has allowed recruits from all over the world to cross the border with Syria to join with IS. What a great friend we have. Oh, in today’s Star, is an article that they have given permission for America to fly out of an airbase. I guess they think it is OK as long as Americans are taking the risk. With leaders like Obama and Cameron we can expect no real progress. They will only pretend to be serious all the while Americans are being put in harm’s way. It is so tragic. I have written many times before on this subject. We must become energy independent and stop feeding the OPEC countries who think we are a decadent society and spend those funds trying to foment hatred against us and other Western nations. I seem to be talking out of both sides. I want out of this part of the world. I want to stop proving funds to them while at the same time I can’t stand to see people slaughtered as IS is doing to all who they believe are non-believers. I also believe we must continue to support Israel, settlements or not. When Israel falls the West will not be far behind. So there you have it. What do you think? Jack B. Walters October 13, 2014

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