Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's not amnesty, and courts will be unburdened

Arizona Daily Star editorial – August 28, 2011- my response below

I would expect nothing less than your support for the program President Obama has put into place. He couldn’t get Congress to approve his “Dream” Act so he accomplishes the same thing by executive order.
Of course the courts are jammed with cases and of course it makes sense to concentrate on criminals but have you ever asked the question of why? The process should be as simple as checking the person’s ID. If not a citizen or legal immigrant that person should be escorted out of the country without delay regardless of when he or she entered this country. The current legislation should be amended to make the system work as it should.
It is a continuing mockery to build fences and hire border patrol agents when those who are able to slip through are now deemed acceptable to stay and now be granted work visas while others wait to enter legally. Of course 9% unemployment is of no concern as Americans are to lazy to take the jobs these people will do, or so you claim.

Jack B. Walters
August 28, 2011

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