Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solon Corp. cuts 60 manufacturing jobs in Tucson

Green energy was supposed to create jobs for Americans. This announcement from Solon shows it was all a charade. Our President is off campaigning in his fancy new bus while Congress takes a respite from their arduous efforts. I will tell you this would not happen on my watch. Assuming there will be a reduction in defense spending there will be other workers put on the street. We cannot continue the charade that we are a great country with all workers drawing unemployment benefits out of money we don’t have.
Our taxation of business is the highest in the world. Is it any wonder manufacturers move to China to increase their profit? The only way to turn this around is to lower the cost of doing business in America. When Senator McCain suggested lowering from 35% to 25% the audience groaned. I seldom agree with him but in this case he was right. I don’t know if 25% would reverse the outflow but certainly there are some intelligent people left in positions of power in Washington who could figure it out.
Am I upset with the management of Solon, you bet, but I am more upset with Obama and Congress for not creating a climate conducive for the growth of manufacturing jobs in America.

Jack B. Walters
August 16, 2011

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