Saturday, August 20, 2011

We have met the enemy and he is us

I try in vain to search for an issue, any issue that is supported by the majority of Americans. We continue to argue and fight among ourselves while the rest of the world continues to pass us by. My latest example is the report that was printed in today’s Arizona Daily Star, from McClatchy Newspapers in regard to sit-ins in Washington against the construction of a pipeline which could deliver up to 1.3 million barrels of crude per day from our good neighbor to the North, Canada.
There are concerns about aquifers, crop land and property rights. I guess these protesters would rather continue getting oil from the Middle Eastern countries that use the gains to support terrorist organizations or build skyscrapers high into the atmosphere rather than promote the general welfare.
This has nothing to do with global warming. A barrel of oil is still only a barrel of oil no matter who provides it. Some time hopefully we and the rest of the civilized world will wean ourselves off of using oil but until that happy day, doesn’t it make sense to get it from our neighbor
While I am at it, we have proven reserves on the North Slope of Alaska equivalent to Saudi Arabia. We could be self sufficient and bring our troops home from those god forsaken countries, fighting wars that cannot be won no matter how long we stay or how many more lives are lost.
These protestors are doing a disservice for our country.

Jack B. Walters
August 20, 2011

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